Learn a number of open tunings fingerstyle songs in a month - or less if you play in standard now!

Open tunings fingerstyle is an exciting and beautiful style of guitar music, easy to learn and fun to play. The acoustic guitar produces sounds that are just not possible in Standard.

Even if you have never played guitar before, open tunings are a super way to begin. Why?

For one thing, many luscious chords and progressions are available using only 2 fingers. It's also handy (no pun intended) that your main sound that you always resolve to in a song --- called the I chord, or tonic --- is available in open tunings without touching the fingerboard!

That's right. You have that chord just by playing the open strings. So, open tunings fingerstyle is a little easier on the fingers if you're just beginning guitar. And if you sing and play solo, that makes it easier to focus on voice. Vocal and fingerstyle...awesome combo!

If you already play guitar in standard tuning, you'll find new worlds of inspiration and excitement when you use your first open tuning. Please don't take me wrong. I started out playing in standard and it's a great tuning. We all just gravitate to different things at different times. I remember the thrill of just running my thumb across the open strings, and listening for about a half hour the first time I tuned to Open D.

If you've an interest in Folk, Country Blues, Calypso, Rhythm & Blues, Country, Pop or a blend of any of these, let me share with you some of the wonders of open tunings. And you'll find that you'll discover your own wonders as you continue.

What will it cost? Not a thin dime. However, if you ever find a thick dime, I want it!

Hi, I'm John Noremac. Welcome to Open-Tunings-Fingerstyle. I've been playing fingerstyle guitar and writing music in open and alternate tunings for many years now, and I stll catch myself drooling all over my guitar when I find new stuff!

But enough about me. Are you open to this? That was bad, I know. I'll stop.

Ready to start? This could open a whole can of tunings. ........I just can't help myself.

Anyway, if this sounds interesting to you, please sign up for a series of free lessons by entering your name and email address in the spaces provided below. You'll learn some cool tunes in Open D, Open C, and Open G. You'll also have the option to expand further using Open C minor, D minor, G minor, Open A Baritone and DADGAD, as well as a jazzy sounding Open 6th tuning that --- as far as I know --- no other acoustic player uses.

You may unsubscribe any time you wish, and your info will never be shared with anyone.

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Open Tunings Intro
Open tunings intro and a brief look at I, IV, V progressions and how they work.
Open Tunings Setup for Guitar
Open tunings setup for fingerstyle and slide guitar needs to be specific.
Open C Tuning
Open C tuning is a great-sounding choice for folk, country blues, calypso, country and many other music genres.
Open D Tuning
Open D Tuning is a big, rich sound for blues, folk and other styles and genres.
Open G Tuning
Open G tuning has a wide appeal ranging from Hawaiian slack key to blues
DADGAD tuning with its bagpipe-like drone strings and modal sound is used in music from Celtic to Jazz.
Open A Baritone Tuning
Open A Baritone tuning is a great-sounding guitar tuning with the same intervals as Open C.